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Who are we?

Hello, thanks for stopping by, we are Ron and Sue Windred—not yet retired  baby boomers. Instead we are pursuing a new career that allows us to share the wealth of business and life experience we have accumulated.Ron and Sue Windred

Having reached retirement age after working in direct sales and marketing and successfully running our own businesses for the past 40+ years, we thought what next? Did we want to just retire and sail off into the sunset or did we want to start something new, or did we want to continue on with our current business model? With the prospect of another working lifetime ahead of us (according to current forecasts we will live to 100) we decided we needed to stay active, to be able to contribute and help others and follow a purpose in life along a new direction, but to no longer work full on in business. 

That is when we discovered our current network marketing business – SendOutCards. It is very much a lifestyle business, one where we can work as hard as we like, when we like. We can work from home or where ever we are, anywhere in the world and all we need is a smart phone or laptop and an internet connection and we are in business.

Network marketing is not a get rich quick business, it takes time, but not lots of time. However by taking the time to build your business, it provides you with the time and the money to live the life you want. Now we can sail off into the sunset when we want and work other times, if we want. It allows us to catch up with our Grandchildren for important events like birthdays and still earn an income.

We knew we needed a support system that could carry us comfortably for the rest of our life: One that provided the security of an ongoing and growing income, with the freedom to pursue and live our dreams and to leave a legacy. As many of you will know a pension is not really an option as it is not much above the poverty line and being ever tightened. As for superannuation, is it really enough to carry you to the ripe old age we are expected to achieve?

Throughout our working life we have conducted our affairs and chose to live by The Golden Rule and of course continue to do so.

Now sharing the best from our experience which includes a lifetime as entrepreneurs, business operators, sales and marketing consultants, healers and teachers, we are enjoying consulting with and helping others in the field of Relationship Marketing. Also we are able to provide people with the opportunity to get into their own home based business where they can build a healthy recurring income and enjoy life along the way.


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