A Simple Haircut – A true story of business relationship

A simple haircut – A true story of business relationship

A simple haircut – is it really? Perhaps the value of “relationship” marketing can be seen in this story. Let’s face it we all put a lot of faith and confidence in our hairdresser. Primarily to make sure they keep us looking at our best. Also we don’t want them to muck up our appearance by slapdash craftsmanship.  And we definitely don’t want them to ignore or not listen to our requests. For a small amount of time our continued or chosen appearance is in their hands.

About a year back I changed my hairdresser because I was unhappy with what was happening. She was cutting my hair far too short for my liking. It often looked stepped because my hairdresser had taken to using numbered combs on the hair clippers. While this was quicker and easier for her, it was not so good for me. Although she was friendly, I got the impression I was just another customer. Really nothing more than another turn of dollars into the till, just another daily number in her hairdressing business. Just another simple haircut. (more…)

Ron and Sue

WOW SendOutCards WOW

WOW SendOutCards WOW!!!

WOW SendOutCards … you’ve really got to give it to the SendOutCards team. This one minute video captures the essence of what SendOutCards is all about. It truly captures the emotions that come into play when we use the SendOutCards app to connect and communicate with loved ones. Of course, this same sentiment flows over to when we reach out to our business and professional connections.

It all starts with a reminder, or perhaps a prompting that we need to communicate in a deep and meaningful fashion. Maybe it’s a birthday for someone important in your life. Perhaps you just want to reach out or say hello. Or, it’s really important to say ‘thank you’.

Whatever your reason, in a moment you can create and send a personal and heartfelt message. Using your smart phone or device and the SOC app you’re able to create and send a greeting card. While you’re there, you can add a gift. How thoughtful of you and how easy is that?

Several days later your card (and your gift) arrives conveying your feelings and message.  When it’s opened is when the magic truly happens!!!

WOW SendOutCards

From your end you go WOW SendOutCards, thank you. And why not, SendOutCards made it all so quick and easy. These days a greeting card, sent through the post, is undoubtedly the best way to reach out to others. It’s personal, it’s tangible and for many it becomes a keepsake.

The recipient also thinks WOW SendOutCards… this makes me feel so good. These days most communications are so impersonal, that a card stands out from the crowd. They are holding the tangible evidence along with the words and pictures of what you want to say. This is something memorable.

Taking a moment to reach out to someone makes a positive difference. A greeting card sent in the mail is usually very well received, makes a good impression and makes a solid connection.

If you would like to WOW the people in your life, contact us and we will show you how.

Ron and Sue

Thankfulness – is it important to success? 8

Is Thankfulness Important to success?

I am currently reading a book all about Thankfulness. It has a simple concept, shared between several authors. All the authors are women and I suspect it was written with women as its prime audience. I am about three quarters of the way through and thoroughly enjoying every word of it. Each of them contributes to each chapter by taking look at different ways of applying thankfulness. They also look at the difference it has made in their lives and by extension how it affects our lives and outcomes.


In all of their stories, built on their real life experiences there is the compelling theme that the degree of your appreciation determines the extent to which your life works for the best. Not surprisingly, reducing our level of thanks seems to carry us in the opposite direction.

Even in the hard times, it is worthwhile seeking out some little thing to be thankful for. For it seems that this very act has a way of blossoming, bringing in some light and a more positive outlook that leads to a better outcome. Life begins to work again. (more…)

Ron and Sue