Healing Garden – A visit to The Carnival of Flowers 

Healing Garden – A visit to The Carnival of Flowers  

Healing Garden – Last Thursday Sue and I took some time out to smell the roses, so to speak. In this case literally! We stopped what we were doing and had planned for the day to journey up to Toowoomba for The Carnival of Flowers where we spent a most enjoyable day in the parks and gardens.

Healing Gardens

This was also the hottest recorded September spring day for Queensland, so it was a great day to be in Toowoomba’s elevated atmosphere. Tribute must be paid to the gardeners as their work was very well presented considering the wilting heat. Colour and fragrance were abundant as all about you could see the care and attention that had gone into creating a magnificent show.

Walking around the parks and gardens we could feel ourselves becoming more serene and centred as nature did her revitalizing and nurturing work. In fact spending time in gardens is one of the best healing and re-energizing exercises we can do for ourselves and it’s free!

I am sure my crystals made the most of the day as well. When I removed them from my pockets and took of my ‘medicine pouch’ at the end of the day, they felt enlivened and brighter, as though they too had cleansed and refreshed their energy from the abundance available in the gardens.

Nature and mans work come together in gardens to offer a kaleidoscope of beauty, colour, smell and touch that can invigorate and lift our senses providing a free healing equal to the best any professional healer may have to offer for a fee.

Never put off taking pleasure in ‘life rewards’ like visits to parks and gardens. I must admit that before setting off on our day’s escapade, I had a pang of guilt as I thought about our business responsibilities and the tasks that needed to be done, but I am so glad I chose to ignore it.

Now its a couple of days later and nothing seems to be amiss, and as a bonus, while I was sitting in the rose garden a simple and easy to use solution to problem that had been perplexing me popped into my head. This has since been employed to great satisfaction.

Ron and Sue

Road Trip – do you love them or not?

Road Trip – do you love them or not?

When you go on a road trip are you a planner or do you just go and see when you finish?

When we set off on a road trip we like to have a bit of an idea where we are headed and when we want to arrive but we don’t like too much planning.

Over the years we have explored much of Australia by car. As we travel from Brisbane to Sydney several time a year we like to explore different routes. There is the main highway which is the more direct and of course the quickest. Once you have driven it a few times it becomes a bit boring. As they have improved to road over the years and by passed many of the smaller towns there are not many places to stop and have a coffee or just a walk round.

road trip

So more often than not we start off on the main highway and take many of the different tourist routes along the way. This way we see many of the smaller places and also find some very interesting a diverse places to have a coffee or lunch. We also find many different places to stay overnight.

Sometimes we take a completely different highway and travel further. I think over the years we have driven on every road between Brisbane and Sydney.

Last time we were heading off my sister asked where we were staying the night. My answer was, not sure. She then asked how long we would drive before we stopped again my answer was, not sure. As a person who likes to plan every detail she couldn’t understand our carefree attitude.

Over the years we have taken many road trips. We have rarely booked any accommodation in advance and we have never had a problem. We have stayed in some very interesting places. Some we have gone back to many time and some were a once only!

Ron and Sue

Airbnb our first experience.

Airbnb our first experience.

While booking everything for our trip to Salt Lake City for our company convention we decided to look at Airbnb. We had heard lots of good reports about Airbnb. As baby boomers this was a totally new concept for us.

In the past we had always just booked into a nearby hotel. We looked at the local hotels and prices, including a discount for booking through our company. After talking to friends we decided to take a look at Airbnb.

As we like to stay at places off the beaten track and a little different we found lots of quirky places on the website. We didn’t like the idea of share accommodation therefore we opted to search for an entire home. Most of these offered a condo, basement or small unit. One caught our attention, it was a standalone building that was a barber shop in a previous live.


Further research on Google Maps showed that it was a comfortable walk from our convention and downtown Salt Lake City. The price was also about 70% cheaper than all the hotels available.

Our Hosts.

While we were sorting out our last minute details, we contacted our host and were advised where to find the key. About an hour after arriving we ventured out to find some dinner. As we stepped outside a car pulled up and it was our host. She stopped and as well as chatting for a few minute she told us where there were a couple of good places to eat.

The next day our host’s husband called in to introduce himself and ask if there was anything we needed, he also left us his mobile number.  We couldn’t have asked for better hosts for our first experience with Airbnb. They were available if we needed anything and left us to ourselves.

Next time we travel we will definitely be looking at Airbnb for our accommodation.

Ron and Sue