Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction and Buying a Car

Does the Law of Attraction and buying a car go together?

Well, here’s a quick little story to determine the answer. For my part I would say YES.

For a long time now we have been operating as a one car family, our old car, a 1990 model Seca has been serving us well for many years and has put 575000klms on the clock. It has been running reliably and working hard all of this time.

Law of attraction

I am of the old school, were you buy a car, adopt it as part of the family, treat it well and one day when it dies you send it to auto heaven.   

For the last couple of years, friends and family have been asking when we are going to get a new car, as surely our old one is getting too old to be dependable, and might let us down. Not a good thing when you live in the country. I have always responded, “This one hasn’t died yet!” (more…)

Ron and Sue