Key Element in the Top 100 Small Business’s

The Key Element in the Top 100 Small Business’s

100 out of the top 100 small business enterprises in Queensland use gratitude or appreciation as the key element in their marketing mix!

The key element for 87% of the top 100 specialty or direct selling salespeople in Queensland is the same. They also use gratitude to keep them in their top position.

The remaining 13% are very talented, knowledgeable and hardworking. Imagine what would happen if they were to employ the power of gratitude into their endeavours. No doubt they wouldn’t need to work as hard as they do. So, if they are there without using this number one marketing tool, just imagine what they could do with it.

What is true for Queensland’s best is undoubtedly true for the rest of the business community. How often are you using the key element and putting the power of gratitude to use in your business?

Writing strengthens the key

Expressing your appreciation verbally and demonstrating it with your body language is part of the key. However, putting it in writing, strengthens it even more. Whilst gratitude was revealed as the key element in the survey results, I’m sure that most of the survey participants make use of thank-you cards and letters of appreciation.

I believe a big part of it starts with your attitude. Having and maintaining an Attitude Of Gratitude alone, can get you well along the way. Expressing that gratitude in writing will get you the rest of the way. This works particularly well when it is received in the mail. Especially when it’s a week or so after a transaction or exchange.

key element

An easy to use, expressive, convenient and cost effective way to achieve this is with a SendOutCards account. From the convenience of your computer or smart phone you can create a personalised greeting card conveying your heartfelt gratitude. Then with a click of the ‘send’ button, SendOutCards will do the rest and get it into the mail. They will print it, put it in the envelope, address it, stamp it and get it in the post. 

Most people delight in receiving and then opening the unexpected ‘thank-you card’ that arrived in their letter box. Many of them will also let you know of their appreciation. Now, that’s positive feedback.

Allow us to show you how SendOutCards can help you express your appreciation and gratitude. Contact us now for an obligation free consultation.

Ron and Sue
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