Law of Attraction and Buying a Car

Does the Law of Attraction and buying a car go together?

Well, here’s a quick little story to determine the answer. For my part I would say YES.

For a long time now we have been operating as a one car family, our old car, a 1990 model Seca has been serving us well for many years and has put 575000klms on the clock. It has been running reliably and working hard all of this time.

Law of attraction

I am of the old school, were you buy a car, adopt it as part of the family, treat it well and one day when it dies you send it to auto heaven.   

For the last couple of years, friends and family have been asking when we are going to get a new car, as surely our old one is getting too old to be dependable, and might let us down. Not a good thing when you live in the country. I have always responded, “This one hasn’t died yet!”

Well, anyway the other week I was driving it when I got this feeling that maybe we should look to buying a new car. When I got home that night, Sue said “I think it’s about time we went back to being a two car family”.

My response was that the old one was still going well and left it at that. But Sue had determined that she wanted another car. She started telling friends that we were going to have a new car and that we would have it before a family gathering coming up in a month’s time!

For my part I was happy to stick with “old faithful”, but I too started to feel a new car could be handy, especially as we had a few bigger trips coming up. So I also started to think about a new car. After a couple of days I was imagining myself in a new car and I guess Sue was too.

Anyway cutting to the chase, the other day I found myself sitting down discussing what sort of a car did we want? We both agreed the latest version of the one we had would be fine because it suited us in many ways and if it was as dependable as our current one, it would be just great. Now we knew what we wanted and that we wanted it.

Well within days I found myself saying “Let’s go shopping.” But I put this one proviso, or really more like a prayer. “That we can go to a car yard, and easily and readily find the car we want at the right price, and make a no hassle purchase.”

We did go to buy that day, but we didn’t like the latest version of our old car. Out of politeness, we agreed to look at another model the salesman suggested. To our surprise and that of the salesman we said “We’ll take it.”

Sure it wasn’t the car we saw, but it was everything we were looking for in function, design and price, just a bit bigger. And we kept our “old faithful” to boot! Now we are a two car family.

Did the Law of Attraction play a role in this story? What do you think?

Ron and Sue