Niagara Falls – Adventure Seeking Baby Boomers.


Niagara Falls – Adventure Seeking Baby Boomers.

Recently we were in Canada visiting our son and family and went to Niagara Falls for the day. This was not our first time visiting the falls. It is such a beautiful and amazing place it is worth visiting several times.

Niagara Falls

We decided it was time to do something different and go zip lining. Wild Play Niagara opened this new attraction a few months ago. At first we thought let’s just do it, then after seeing how high it was we had second thought for a moment or two.  Our 10 year old Grandson was also a bit nervous but excited at the same time.

Niagara Falls

We all then registered and jumped on the scales to make sure we were under the maximum weight. 

Next we proceeded to the starting point. The first thing we did was get our very glamorous blue helmet to wear. We were taken up to the top in groups of about 10 at a time to be fitted with our harness.

Why are we waiting?

It was up the top that the wait started. As it was a bit windy on the day it was taking longer than usual for us to have our turn. We found out that if the wind got stronger than 10 knots the ride has to be stopped and then wait until there was 10 minutes without the wind going over 10 knots. A few times it was just 20 secs short of the 10 mins when the wind spiked again, that meant another 10 min wait.

Every time there was a delay one of the attendants would keep us informed. They were also offering a refund or a re-booking if we didn’t want to wait. We chose to wait as we had other plans for the following days. As luck would have it several people in front of us opted out. So before long we were at the head of the queue.

While being hooked up to the line we had a magnificent view of the falls. Then the gates opened and we were off. It was a little slower than we expected, but fantastic.  We went down the 670 metres (2,200 feet), at speeds of 70+ kph (40+ mph). As we traveled along the edge of the vast Niagara River gorge towards Niagara Falls, we had an amazing view.

We then waited for our son, daughter and Grandson to completer their turn. A mini bus was waiting to take us back up to the top.

Niagara Falls

Despite being very nervous before his ride, our Grandson loved it and immediately wanted to go again.

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Ron and Sue