It’s Really Hot Outside and Network Marketing Is Cool.

It’s really hot outside – that’s why we appreciate network marketing. We are able to hang out in air conditioned comfort and stay cool.

Just a tad under 49⁰C, 120.2⁰F – that’s really hot! I can’t recall ever experiencing a day this hot. Not at home anyway. To make matters worse, we haven’t had a day under 30⁰ for the last two weeks. Most nights have been in the mid to high twenties. That’s really hot. We are experiencing a record breaking hot spell. A heat wave so hot, you almost burn your bum on the toilet seat.

As you look around you can’t help but notice plants wilting. Birds are hanging around the ground in shaded areas. Animals are lazing under the trees. Not a lot is moving. We are hanging out in the office because it’s air conditioned. The best we can get in the house is fans moving the hot air around. It’s like an oven in the house and we don’t like being cooked.

Really Hot

It’s really hot and uncomfortable! But our life is quite comfy. Lounging back and sipping a cool drink, we got to talking. It’s on days like these that we are ever so grateful for the life we choose to live. These days we are professional network marketers and the company of our choice is SendOutCards.

Most outdoor workers are sent home, wisely. Many will not get paid during this down time. Some farmer friends of ours are lamenting the burning-off of their crops, causing massive losses. Many workers still have to suffer the conditions to ensure the running of our society. Some need to endure, regardless of conditions as their livelihood depends on their efforts.

Discussing those that had to work in such appalling conditions, we felt so grateful for our circumstances. We reminisced times in our own earlier lives when we had to toil in the hot sun to make our living. Network marketing allows us choices.

During this heatwave we have been able to take it easy and stay cool. Under the networking model your income can continue regardless of outside conditions. You have lifestyle freedom. You get to choose what you do and when and where. Network marketing has a lot going for it – especially when it’s really hot.   

To learn more about how network marketing could allow you to be living the life you want, contact us and let’s talk about it.  

Ron and Sue