Thank You – A Century of Gratitude

A Century of Gratitude…


It is a well taught principle that our body reflects our psychology and vice versa. It is also said that the more we can find to be grateful for the better life works: So these two in combination could be a great force for bringing more good into our life.

If you are feeling dejected, a little flat and sorry for yourself, or things just aren’t going right, or any time you want to give yourself an energy and confidence boost – try this one minute exercise. Come on, give it a go – it will be worth it!

Stand up and force a smile on your face – now without turning yourself into a board, stand a little straighter and taller. Purposefully take a step forward and say thankyou – now move your other foot forward and again say thankyou. Repeat this fifty times and you will have taken 100 steps. For the average person this takes about one minute, so you will probably find it a whole lot easier to take notice of one minute, on your watch for example, rather than counting out 100 steps.

I can pretty much guarantee that at the end of this exercise your demeanor will have changed considerably for the better. I’ll even bet that before you have taken too many steps, things that you are thankful for start popping into your head, lining up with your steps and improving the experience even more.

This may be done whenever you feel the need to improve your vibe and poise. Things certainly seem to work better afterwards.

 Thank You Card

Ron and Sue