Gratitude Exercise to attract more of the good stuff 

Gratitude Exercise 

Positivity and gratitude are extolled by many as necessary attitudes and actions to attract more of the good stuff into our lives and I certainly won’t be arguing against it. However a quite a few of us need to awaken or at least re-awaken to their benefits. Especially the power of gratitude! Taking a few minutes each day and using this gratitude exercise can rouse their benefits in your life.

Try this gratitude exercise:

Step outside and take a brisk and purposeful walk. The more natural and beautiful the surroundings – the better, but a couple of city blocks can be just as useful. Don’t force your breathing, but be aware of your breath, take notice and breathe just a little fuller than usual. Do your best to be present in the moment. As you walk look for and mentally take note of the beauty that surrounds you.

gratitude exercise

Upon your return, take a moment and reflect on a couple of highlights from your walk. Now say ‘thank you’ out loud as you recall each of them. All things being equal, you should find much to be thankful for.

Now recall them all collectively and remember the essence of the way they made you feel. Once again express your thanks with an enthusiastic and heartfelt ‘thank you’. The more you can find to say ‘thank you’ for, the better. For the more things you actually do say this to – the more the grace and power of gratitude comes into your being.  Indeed, the more we have to be grateful for – the more joyous and fulfilled our lives become. I really do hope you will try this gratitude exercise.

The more you conduct this gratitude exercise the more positivity and gratitude will seep into your entire being. They certainly do bring more of the good stuff into our life.

Ron and Sue
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