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Thank You Cards in Business – do you use them?

Thank You Cards

Something for you to ponder; why do customers leave?

According to a customer retention survey conducted in the nineties, an important piece of information comes to light. A fact that is often at odds with our usual way of thinking and seeing things. You see our typical view is that our customers have left us because they got a better deal or a better price – when sadly the reason is that they just felt like we didn’t really care!

The statistics of this survey reveal that 20% leave for a physical reason, like death, or moving out of the area, or no longer having a requirement for the product or service and other similar reasons. Well conditions really. It’s nigh on to impossible to do anything with this lot!

10% leave for no particular reason; perhaps it’s ‘greener pastures’ syndrome.

3%, that’s right, just 3%, did leave for a better price! And what’s more they always will!

68% left because from their point of view, you didn’t care!

Thank You cards

Now you can argue all you like about how you do care, the service you provide, your great price, and your customer relations and so on. But have you ever taken that extra step and told them how much you appreciate having them as your customer and what they really mean to you?

You can reverse that 67% by letting them know you care.

This is where expressed Appreciation or Gratitude in your marketing mix plays such a crucial role. But it needs to be done in an effective manner and the most effective and cost efficient way to do this is in the form of a Send Out Cards Thank You card. But realistically, any off the self card or a written letter, will still get the job done.

The important part is to take action – let them know you care and that they are important to you – say Thank You.

Thank You cards

Ron and Sue