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Work Life Balance – what does it mean?

Work life balance, what does it mean to us?

One of the many advantages of a Network Marketing business is the freedom or work life balance.. Recently we were invited to our nephew’s 40 th birthday, which was being help about 5 hours’ drive from our place. As we love to attend family events we decided to go. As it was at Bargara, a small beach side town just outside Bundaberg we decided to stay for a week of rest and relaxation.

As we can work from anywhere as long as we have our phone and internet connection, this was not a problem workwise. Another upside of our business is that we didn’t have to do any work if we didn’t want to.  We just love our residual income, so while we had a very relaxing week on the beach we still were paid.

Every morning we woke up, had a coffee while we read for an hour or so, then we headed of for a walk on the beach. It is a very pleasant way to start the day, walking on the each of the ocean.

Work Life Balance

One day we decide to try a River Cruise on the Bundy Belle. It is a fully restored classic river ferry. Along the way we had a commentary telling us all the history of Bundaberg. Including the early history of the sugar industry, the rum factory, Bundaberg’s culture and history.

Work Life Balance

Another day was a chance to spend the morning chatting with friends over coffee and cake. One of the friends was a lady who we have been Facebook friends with for years before we met her in person, now any time we are both in the same place we meet for coffee.  Both our friend work for themselves so they also have a great work, life balance.

The rest of the time was spent just reading, walking on the beach and spending time with family. One of the things we enjoy while we are away is trying different places to eat. We like trying out the local pub’s as they usually have good meals at reasonable prices. We ate several time at the Bargara Beach Hotel, we were advised not to eat there by one of our relatives but decided to try it anyway. We are glad we did, our meals were really good and the price was also good. Another advantage was that they offered a 20% discount for seniors, there is a benefit in being a bit older. We don’t have any photos of the meals, we are still trying to remember to take photos.

Ron and Sue