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Taking on Big Corporate with Relationship Marketing

Taking on Big Corporate with Relationship Marketing 

Most business people find it futile to take on big corporate. But there is a way to do it. That way is with the service you provide and the relationship you develop with you customers. 

Big corporate can outspend you on every front. Likewise, they can undercut your prices until you surrender or go out of business. Big corporate can also keep on spending on advertising long after your bank account ran out. Furthermore, they have deep pockets to bribe and woo customers into doing business with them. And they do!

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Unfortunately for them, there is one area they find very difficult to compete in and that’s real personal service. Most of their staff are just there to collect a pay packet. Besides which they have no personal invested in the business. Nor do they care too much about providing exceptional service and relating to the big corporate customers. Their staff are not at all into establishing ongoing relationships.

But if you’re smart and genuine, they find it very hard, if not impossible to outdo you in personal service with a sincere expression of appreciation and gratitude. You can foil their attempts to corner the market by establishing solid personal relationships with your customers. 

Even your contemporary’s may find it difficult to outdo you. It is difficult to compete against a business that has totally partnered themselves with their customers. Especially when it is with outstanding service, value and gratitude, which is openly and genuinely expressed. 

What does your mission statement say about these three important areas? Service – Gratitude – Relationship. And if they’re not properly and positively stated, what are you going to do about it? More importantly, are you living it? Is it really what you and your business is about? 

Remember. “Goodwill, loyalty, referrals and repeat business are all dependent upon the level of service, appreciation, gratitude and the relationships you engender.”

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