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Lost Referral – How Many $$$’S Did You Lose?

Lost Referral – How Many $$$’S Did You Lose?

Have you ever wondered what a lost referral may have really cost you? Just how many SS$’s did you lose?

A friend of mine was seeking some advice and guidance as he was about to buy a new car. He was telling me he was in the same situation that I was in when I got our last car—it wasn’t so much about a particular make and model, but more about what it was needed for.

Lost Referral

Now, I don’t buy new cars that often, as I prefer to wear them out. So my last dealing was four years ago. However, I was really impressed with the salesman as he helped me to get just what I needed and at the right price. It really was the salesman that made the difference in this transaction and not the dealership per se. In fact they didn’t impress me much at all. (more…)

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