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Being On The Receiving End of SendOutCards.

Being On The Receiving End of SendOutCards.

Today we were on the receiving end of SendOutCards. We got a ‘thank you’ card in the mail. Like most people who get one, we were not expecting it. It was sent from one of our customers to let us know how much he valued and appreciated what we do. In his message, he said that the little extras we include have not gone unnoticed. Especially the thank you card we sent to him after his last transaction with us.

The Receiving End of SendOutCards

We’ve got to tell you, being on the receiving end of SendOutCards, really makes you feel great – appreciated – important even! It’s even a little humbling. The surprise brings delight into your life.

If our customers experience even half of what this little card and the initiative of our customer has made us feel… well it’s a pretty awesome experience.

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