A Picture matched with Words can change a life.

A Picture matched with Words can change a life.

A kind word spoken at the right moment can make such a difference in a person’s life. A few words written in a sincere and thoughtful way and then delivered into the recipients hands can forge a great relationship. A picture capturing a moment, accompanied by some thoughtful words can change a life.

A Card can change a life.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and how true it is. Imagine trying to substitute words to describe an instant of outstanding connection. It’s just too hard and you’re better off using the picture. Well, SendOutCards enables you to do just that and for a few dollars at a time.

Imagine you are with your best friend and you take a photo that perfectly captures the moment. Then, instead of uploading it to Facebook to get lost in the feed, you upload it to your SendOutCards account. Now you can quickly and easily create the perfect card with a picture, including the right words to set it off. Then with a press of the ‘send button’ it is on its way, a permanent record in a card.

Now for the best part. Imagine the look on your friends face and how good they feel when some days later they visit their letterbox. With anticipation they lift out a card shaped envelope. As they open their mail, the picture of the captured moment and your sentiments are revealed. You just made their day!

A Picture

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And your card has said so much more than words can ever say! What’s more they can keep it for as long as they want.

A card really can change a life – for the better.

To learn how you can affect and change a life with a card, contact us, or visit SendOutcards.com/ronandsue

Ron and Sue
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