I Love You – Three magic words.

“I love you.” These are three magic words that I believe we all love to hear, especially when said in truth and expressed with conviction. I know that as a husband I love to hear them. I most certainly felt reassured and validated when I heard those words from my parents and just as surely they hold the space for all our children to grow into the best version of themselves.

Way back in my twenties I had a friend who was a Mormon and he told me it was a part of his religious practice to tell his wife at least six times every day that he loved her. Not because he thought she would forget, but rather to strengthen their relationship, especially as we all love to hear these words from those who matter most to us. He also pointed out that every time he said the words it reminded him of why he loved her so and her importance to him.

I valued his lesson and have used it since to strengthen and support my own marriage and family relationships. I am not a marriage I Love Youcouncillor or advisor, but if there is one tip I could give you for a more harmonious relationship with your spouse it would be this one.

So what’s this got to do with business? Everything! The more you can let your customers know that you love them—the more harmonious and profitable (and I don’t just mean money) your relationship will be. 

Now I know we can’t just pop up and say “I love you” to our customers—they might think we’re a little bit loopy and misunderstand our intentions. However I would ask you to consider other ways and means to get your message across.

One of the best ways I have found to let my customers know that I love them (let’s also face it, without them we don’t even have a business) is to put it in writing, gift wrapped in a card.

Naturally, I am assuming that you are providing excellent service and value for money with what you are offering, just like my friend did in his marriage, but he also made sure his wife absolutely knew it and never forgot it.

So my tip for your business would be to do all in your power to make sure your customers know you “love” them and never forget it.

And another tip, if you like the idea of using cards to convey your message, take a look at Send Out Cards, they have an efficient, easy to use and very cost effective way of letting your customers know how much you value them by sending them a card and telling them so.  

Gratitude card

Ron and Sue