Old Fashioned Marketing – Dan the lady’s man.

Dan the lady’s man – a modern day lesson in Old Fashioned marketing

Televisions daily dose of morning drivel can from time to time reveal a true old fashioned marketing gem. Dan, a real person lives in New York (immediately the thought comes into my head “it could only happen in America”) and after the breakup of his last serious relationship he had spent two and a half years in the wilderness, so to speak.

During this time he wasn’t idle, he worked social media quite hard, especially Facebook and Instagram, to connect and hook up with women in his search for Miss Right. During his two and a half years he managed to make a handful of successful dates, but nothing that looked like developing into a relationship.

Old Fashioned Marketing

He had been told that posting on social media was the way to go. Apparently, this was the modern and best way to connect with people. Over this time he had also been noticing those old fashioned finger strip notices trying to sell something with a photo and cut strips with a contact phone number pasted on poles around town. Recognising that many had several to all of their fingers missing, he made a connection and got an idea.

With nothing to lose, he thought he would give this old fashioned marketing method a try.

Next morning he was pasting his posters over the town. Every poster had his picture on it. They were selling his virtues and announcing he was available and looking for love and wanting to connect. Plus, of course they had the phone number fingers.

Before the day was over he already had his first call and arrangement made for a date. Just a few months later and he’s on international TV as ‘Dan the Lady’s Man’. The old fashioned ‘put it in writing on paper’ and post it on a pole has beaten modern day ‘media posting’ hands down!

Dan is having so much fun he is still sticking up his hard copy, even though his calendar is full for months. He says he is still keeping his eye out for his Miss Right … but with so many to choose from… 

It seems from this story that personal written communications like notes, greeting cards and letters and even fingered posters are still the way to go if you want to positively connect… even in today’s era of social media.

greeting card

Yet again, it seems that physical notes and cards get our attention much better than digital media. Fingered posters did the job here, but you may not want your picture, name and number all around the town.

We have found a better way to distribute our picture, name and number is on a SendOutCards greeting card. These cards are also a great way to connect and communicate in a very personal way.

Experience SendOutCards for yourself and send a card to someone you care about – on us.   

Ron and Sue
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