Abundance Basket – An Act of Giving

The Abundance Basket.

An Act of Giving.


Your most precious, valued possessions and your greatest powers are invisible and intangible. No one can take them. You and you alone, can give them. You will receive abundance for your giving.
W. Clement Stone


            A fond memory of my youth was visiting my friend Johns’ place. One of the main reasons was because of the bowl of goodies that was always just inside the back door. You see his Dad owned a fruit shop where he insisted on only selling the very best fruit and vegetables he could; produce that was not up to this standard but was never the less OK was placed in this bowl to be taken and enjoyed by all his friends and family who wished to do so. At his shop he had a bigger version in the form of a washing basket – customers were invited to help themselves to whatever they wished from his ‘Abundance basket’ as he called it. Many did and were very grateful for the opportunity.

Abundance Basket

            One day I was at the store with my friend and noticed that some of those who helped themselves were not customers and I drew this to his Dads attention. His response was one of my earlier lessons on the importance of giving.

            Young man he said (this being his preferred method of addressing me).

“It is mainly for them that I have it there, you see there are many in our community that are not as fortunate as we, and it is essential that we share all God gave us. My customers expect the best and are willing to pay for the privilege, but there are some, who can’t afford to buy even the cheaper varieties, but food is essential to life and so to those I freely give of my excess that my customers will not buy.”

            I also noticed that any spoiled produce was quickly discarded from this ‘Abundance Basket’. (more…)

Ron and Sue