Birthday Cards

Birthday Cards – do you love to receive them?

Birthday Cards – Who loves to receive them?

Birthday Cards – great at any age.

Yesterday was my birthday and there is something about such a day that makes you stop and reflect upon all the years that you have lived through. Luckily I have much to be grateful for and even a few bumps that I would have really preferred to have avoided. I have been preaching ‘gratitude’ and validating it as a way of being and doing for quite some time now and I must say that it is really worth the effort.

I have also been encouraging people to put it into effective action in the form of words and pictures openly expressed and written in a greeting card. Having your birthday acknowledged by others, especially loved ones and those you respect and admire adds a special quality to your being and makes you feel great.

But here’s the thing I really noticed this birthday – all of the greetings were appreciated, but really it was the birthday cards that carried the most impact. Facebook posts and messages, emails and electronic cards all let me know that people thought enough to wish me well, but it’s hard to explain just how the cards carried that something extra that made them really stand out and actually draw a little more attention to the sender. Maybe it is that little extra of making it more tangible and personal.

My favourites were the ones from my grandchildren that included family snaps taken over the past year and one from a colleague with a photo of us clowning around at a recent seminar. Birthday cards

Ron and Sue