Open Mind

Open Mind or Closed Mind ?

Open Mind or Closed Mind?

Life works with an open mind! Beware of The Closed Mind

Success in its broadest meaning is not limited to only monetary and material possessions. It reveals itself in life and in nature as being plentiful in countless and various forms.

The universal spirit of consciousness, craves to continuously manifest and express itself; this power likewise expresses its longing to demonstrate success, which it naturally wants to develop, to grow and become bigger and stronger.

However, many have come to realize that this longing for, and natural inclination for growth, has been repressed in them because of negative thinking, unconstructive programming, and not having enough faith in their abilities and in themselves.

Every individual has dual natures. One wants the self to move forward while the other feels like pulling back. The nature that you concentrate upon and cultivate is the one that in the end determines which of these natures will take hold and be in control.

Your “will” resolves the issue alone. An individual by the utmost attempt of the “will” can change their whole vocation and accomplish miracles. Which is why having an open mind is very significant.  (more…)

Ron and Sue