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Customer Relations – One Little Button

Customer Relations are Key to getting Positive Word of Mouth Advertising.

One Little Button

It might be hard to believe, that the whole of your marketing impetus, your good name and reputation could be brought undone because of customer relations, one little button and the story spread by word of mouth starting with your customer.

This story, I hope will cause you to look closely at your attitudes and actions when it comes to your customer relations.

I was living in Toorak in the 70’s and my business required me to be well dressed. In fact most of my acquaintances at that time had several business suits and it was not unusual to have two at the dry cleaners, two on the rack and one on your back. So you could say that having the number one position for dry cleaning and mending was an enviable place to be in.

Apart from a handful of independents, there were two major players in the dry cleaning business in Melbourne in those days. Both quite profitable outfits, but one had the market lead with a great reputation for workmanship, reliability and service. It was always the first choice among those I knew at the time.

Now, I don’t believe this story I am telling was the sole cause of its fall to number 2 but I do know it contributed quite a lot. (more…)

Ron and Sue