The Power of Gratitude in Business


The Power of Gratitude

All the big corporates have appreciation or gratitude programs; Qantas have frequent flyers, Woolworths have rewards and cents off your petrol, most of the best coffee shop chains reward you with free coffees and large franchise car washes say thanks with a freebee every sixth time. So what’s your appreciation program?

As much as we may have our gripes with these big players, maybe one of the reasons they are so big is that they understand the power of gratitude. Gratitude comes under the direction of the Law of Cause and Effect, or what you give is what you get.

Even though I often suspect their motivation is more about keeping us as a customer, rather than a genuine outpouring of thanks – it still works extremely well.

The more you can express your gratitude in a practical way – the more you get an equivalent coming back to you. In business this is usually in the form of more and better customers and more dollars in the till.

Have you wondered how you can compete with them and their grandiose schemes?

Big corporate uses reward and discount as their expression of gratitude, because for them it’s easy. However there is a more powerful way to access this law and make your customers feel even better – let them know how much you value and appreciate them and saythankyou” and mean it! Better still; put it in writing in a card!

Thank You Card


Ron and Sue