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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Our 10 year old Grandson who now lives in Canada recently visited Australia. He and the family had not been here since he was a baby. As soon as he learned about their trip, his only request was to hold a Koala.

currumbin wildlife sanctuary

After much research it was discovered that Queensland was one of the few states in Australia where it is legal to hold a Koala. They choose Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary as the place to go. Thursday seemed to work the best for everyone. We booked tickets for everyone, including a tour of the Koala enclosure and a photo holding a Koala. As Sue’s elderly Dad was also joining us we also organized a mobility scooter for him.

The day finally arrived. Our Grandson was not well, suffering a burst ear drum, but nothing was going to stop his visit. On arriving at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary we booked in for our Koala experience and set off to explore. I can recommend Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary as a place to visit for all overseas visitors. The Kangaroo enclosure was the first stop. Here you could walk among the Kangaroos and feed them. A couple of joeys were hopping around as well as many larger ones. (more…)

Ron and Sue