Daily archives: July 12, 2017

Good Relationship Marketing starts with HELLO.

Good Relationship Marketing starts with HELLO.  

There has been a lot of buzz lately about building relationships, especially when it comes to marketing and with good reason. Economics and the wise use of our dollar being one of them, especially as some figures I saw recently suggest that it is 90% cheaper to keep a customer than it is to get a new one. Nevertheless, we need new customers to be able to keep hold of and like all of our relationships, it all starts with hello!

Strong, solid relationships also make it easier to interact with our customers and add to our own feeling of self-worth and contribution. This is by no means an undesirable result.

As a relationship marketing specialist, I am most certainly for the development and building of first rate relationships. But please do not lose track of the fact that all of your current relationships started with a ‘hello’.

Starts with HELLO

When we meet a stranger we usually lead with hello. When we’re introduced, we usually respond with hello or some version of it. Most of us, when we answer the phone habitually say hello. From a stranger to our best friend we greet with hello.

Everything worthwhile starts with Hello


Ron and Sue