Is Gratitude Important to Success in Business?

Is Gratitude Important to success?

I am currently reading a book all about Gratitude. It has a simple title “Gratitude” however it shares several authors, all women and I suspect it was written with women as its prime audience. I am about three quarters of the way through and thoroughly enjoying every word of it. Each of them contributes to each chapter by taking look at different ways of applying gratitude and the difference it has made in their lives and by extension how it affects our lives and outcomes.

In all of their stories, built on their real life experiences there is the compelling theme that the degree of your gratitude determines the extent to which your life works for the best. Not surprisingly, reducing our level of gratitude seems to carry us in the opposite direction.

Even in the hard times, it is worthwhile seeking out some little thing to be grateful for. For it seems that this very act has a way of blossoming, bringing in some light and a more positive outlook that leads to a better outcome. Life begins to work again.

Throughout my business career I have made it a point to do my best to live with gratitude, not only in the good times, but also during the hard times. During my time as a sales trainer and currently as a marketing consultant, I have valued the virtues of gratitude and its contribution to success.Is gratitude important to success?

Gratitude is an extension of the golden rule and is governed by the law of cause and effect, meaning the more you give it out – the more you get an equivalent in return.

Gratitude, deeply felt and expressed has a magic quality of bringing more joy into your life and business activities. It contributes to and builds your self-worth. It generally increases your profit.

What a marvellous way to run a business! In fact nearly all of the great sales trainers and marketing and business consultants have expressed the need for gratitude in running any successful enterprise. They have encouraged the use of thank-you notes and cards and other means to actively convey your gratitude.

A study of the great men and women of business and society will reveal a deep level of gratitude in their lives and a desire to make it known.

So, Is Gratitude Important to success? I’ll let you be the judge.

Ron and Sue

Gratitude Can Change Your Life!

Gratitude Can Change Your Life!

“If the only prayer you say in your life is ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.” – Meister Eckhart

Gratitude is thankfulness; it is a way of being, of counting your blessings and acknowledging all you receive. It comes down to living your life as if everything in it was a miracle, and being aware of just how much you’ve been given. Gratitude shifts your focus away from what is lacking in your life, to the abundance that is already at hand. Expressing your gratitude or giving thanks, strengthens relationships, improves health, reduces stress and makes people happier and far more resilient. It brings real joy into your business.

As business people we have a tendency to take things for granted and in particular good things. This little exercise may help you to notice and appreciate one of your most valuable assets: Imagine losing all of your customers. Then imagine getting them back, one by one. Now consider how grateful you are for each and every one of them.

Now that you have recognised each of them for the real value that they are to you, what are you going to do about it? One response would be to say that this was just a game and carry on as before, taking them and your relationship with them for granted, assuming that they will always be there. A better response would be to recognise their importance to your life.gratitude

Or, you might like to share your rediscovered joy at having them in your life and send them some sort of acknowledgement and appreciation for their real value in your life and business.

The more you become aware of things to be grateful for, the more enjoyment you will find along with greater appreciation in simple pleasures and things you just took for granted previously.

Gratitude should not just be used as a response when you’re getting what you want; it serves you best as an ‘all-the-time attitude and action.’ Living in gratitude is where you notice the little things and where you constantly look for the good, even in unpleasant situations. Today, right now, start bringing gratitude to all of your experiences, instead of waiting for good experiences in order to feel grateful. Do this and you’ll soon be making your way to becoming a ‘master of gratitude’ and having it change your life for the better.

Ron and Sue

Courtesy and a Smile – what a difference they make!

 Courtesy and a Smile – what a difference they make!

Paying attention to your manners and simple acts of gratitude can make or break you!

Sue and I recently spent a couple of weeks driving down south to catch up with family and friends. I like driving and the freedom of being able to set our own pace and explore different places. This is an activity we often get involved in, but for some reason our experience with some of the business operators we interacted with on this trip really stood out.

 Courtesy and a Smile – what a difference they make!

OK we all have to buy petrol at some stage, actually at several stages on a journey, but some of these outlets have foolishly assumed that I have to buy from them. Well I guess on occasion I have to, with the tank already full, I’m obliged to pay for it. But will I come back?

Definitely not, to some and this is a pity because I like to support the independents. They’re our only hope of keeping prices and service under some control. The reason I’ll not return – surly attendants who can’t even attempt a smile or a thank you, even when you do your best to engage with them pleasantly. Luckily there are still a lot who understand the importance of great customer service.

And motels, one grumpy operator, when asked if his rooms had queen size beds, replied all his rooms had queen beds. I was tired and prepared to overlook his manner until he tried to up his advertised tariff because there would be two of us in the room. His response to my simple question, “have your costs really increased by $15 because there will be two of us in the room?’’ made me decide to leave no matter how tired I was.  In his case a really foolish move because the next motel was just next door and they had just put out their ‘off the road special’ for the night.

Their manner was great and if we had been five minutes earlier, we would still have booked in without the special. But it was the next morning that cinched it for a future stay, slipped under the door was a personalised note thanking us for choosing them and wishing us a safe continuance of our journey.

Like I keep saying, let people know that you value and appreciate them, especially in an unexpected form like a note or a card, and I’m sure they will return and stay with you. Just as we intend to stay with these people on our next trip south.



Ron and Sue