Grandchildren and Business – A Great Combination.

Grandchildren and Business – isn’t it great when you can have the two together.

One of the great joys in our life is being a Grandparent, we love spending time with our Grandchildren. As we live interstate we don’t see then as often as we would like. One of the advantages of our business is that we can work while travelling, as long as we have a phone and internet connection, we are good to go. This doesn’t mean we are always working; just we can when we want or need to.

Just last week we needed to be in Sydney for a SendOutCards seminar, so of course we took the opportunity to catch up with two of our Grandchildren.  We love being able to combine business with pleasure. We especially love the big hugs we receive when we catch up with them.


Our Grandson always loves our visits and now he is at school he writes our visit on his whiteboard. It’s lovely to know our visits are rated so highly. When we arrive he is always anxiously waiting out the front. One of the things he loves doing is playing board games. He loves to show us his latest game and insists that we play a game with him. Last time we played Pokémon and we are still a bit unsure of the rules.

The only time we could see our Granddaughter on this trip was on the day of her parent teacher interviews. So Sue went along with her mother to the interview. Having three generations represented in her interview impressed the teacher. She said that it was rare to have both a pupil’s mother and grandmother present in the same meeting. Ron went out and did a bit of work, as he thought it may have too overwhelming to have us all present. After the interviews we all went out for dinner. I am sure our granddaughter was very proud to have Grandma as well as Mum sit in on the interviews. It was interesting that now she is in high school there were no big hugs until we were away from the school. Hugging Grandma at school is a bit uncool.


Ron and Sue

Being On The Receiving End of SendOutCards.

Being On The Receiving End of SendOutCards.

Today we were on the receiving end of SendOutCards. We got a ‘thank you’ card in the mail. Like most people who get one, we were not expecting it. It was sent from one of our customers to let us know how much he valued and appreciated what we do. In his message, he said that the little extras we include have not gone unnoticed. Especially the thank you card we sent to him after his last transaction with us.

The Receiving End of SendOutCards

We’ve got to tell you, being on the receiving end of SendOutCards, really makes you feel great – appreciated – important even! It’s even a little humbling. The surprise brings delight into your life.

If our customers experience even half of what this little card and the initiative of our customer has made us feel… well it’s a pretty awesome experience.

Take Your Business And Personal Relations To Another Level.


Ron and Sue

Gift Card – Small Business – Why Aren’t You Using This?

Gift Card – Small Business – Why Aren’t You Using This? 

Over the last few days I have been noticing some of the ads on TV and many of them are sharing a common theme—they’re saying THANK YOU for doing business with us, and in their case they are doing it with a gift card.

Let’s look at just a few; a health fund will say THANKYOU by giving you a $50.00 gift card for taking out top cover. An insurance company, a $100.00 gift card as a reward for doing business with them. There’s also a funeral service that would similarly love to say thanks in advance for allowing them to bury you. 

So, what’s all this saying, why are they doing this? They recognise that people love to be appreciated, that we like to do business with those that acknowledge us! And because of this many of us can be bought, so to speak. Do this for us and we will give you this nice reward.

Now these large corporates are doing this in a way that maybe you and I can’t compete with. Nevertheless we can follow their example and use the principle. I must also admit that I sometimes question their motives. I wonder why they couldn’t just provide a better service and price rather than trying to buy us.

But the truth is this works. We think how nice it is of them to appreciate our business and offer a little gift and thanks. So we deal with them—in droves.

So why don’t we do this in our business?

Given that we are providing excellent value and service, why don’t we copy the principle? We can acknowledge our customers with a thankyou card in the mail. Maybe we could even include a small gift. Perhaps, if we’ve got the margin we could even add one of those gift cards.

Corporate spend a lot of time effort and money on getting their marketing right and capturing a large share of the market place. So if they have it figured out, all we have to do is follow their lead and copy them.

Small business survival in today’s market place requires more than good service and price. It also entails having genuine customer appreciation and solid business relationships. I am sure we can do this better than corporate. We can use a gift card too!

gift card

In our case I found SendOutCards to be an excellent way to say THANKYOU to our customers. We can very easily send them a ‘thankyou’ card and even include a gift or a gift card at the same time.

Help your customers deal with you—in droves. You too can show your appreciation to your customers for their business. With SendOutCards, you can easily send a little gift card and your thanks.

Let us help you set up an account.

Ron and Sue